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Daughter of the Forest
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The Showing by Will MacMillan Jones

The Showing is a ghost story about a house where female real estate agents begin to disappear.


A lot of the story focuses on one character who has some sort of blood connection to the ghost. Some of the beginning is slow as he deals with police, trying to find out what happened to two missing women. The reading is fairly light and lacks the suspense that I look for in a ghost story, but every so often something interesting happens so there was never any question that I would finish the book.


Then things turned gruesome. I don't mind saying that my interest picked up when bodies began to appear, but I did struggle with some unrealistic behavior from both police and a medium. I also thought the comedy took away from the suspense and a lot of the magic and ritual aspects, once revealed, were pretty far out there. I kept wondering why the demon just stood there.


Not a bad little ghost story, but not a great one either. I would give it 3.5 stars. It just wasn't all that scary.