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DEWEY - The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron

This is a charming book that would melt the heart of any cat lover, although it is written in a tone that sounds like it's directed at very young readers. The first chapter, where the kitten is found in a book deposit box of a library in freezing cold weather, left me with tears in my eyes.


As you would expect, the story chronicles the discovery of Dewey's personality and why he is ideally suited to be a library cat, rather than just any pet. The library manager who is his primary caretaker tells the story, perhaps unintentionally giving away that she has never had a cat before. Her ignorance of simple things, like the fact that cats don't need to be given a bath, ever, except in extreme circumstances, is almost facepalming material.


It's a heartwarming story that has that feel good factor for any cat lover. Dewey doesn't do anything remarkable like saving someone's life, but he has a talent for charming people and every story about how he wins someone over has its own charisma.


The only sad thing about it is that like the story of the Titanic, you know how it's going to end before you start. Cats don't live forever. But Dewey's antics and his natural affection for people make it a story worth reading. He is a cat who reaches worldwide fame for doing nothing more than loving people and showing empathy for those who need his cuddles the most. Perhaps if it were required reading for schoolchildren, more of them would grow up to be good pet owners and understand that animals have feelings too.